If I had a nickel for every false start I’ve had, I’d have a collection of really tired cliches.

Starting things is hard.  Maybe not as hard as finishing them, but still tough.  Right now I’m working on a new scifi concept, and I swear I’ve rewritten the idea in my head a hundred times for every one time I’ve written a start down.  And I still don’t have it nailed down yet.

But I kind of love this process.  I mean, I hate it with a fiery passion because it shows just how many bad ideas I having knocking around in my head, but also it’s good to get those out and out of the way to make room for new, usually even worse ideas.  Someday I may even have something halfway decent, though right now it’s not looking good.

Pessimism is not a good trait to have, uh, ever, but especially when trying to start writing.  I know in my soul that anything I do will be awful, so why bother?

…it’s not like I have an answer  to that question.  Yet.  But get back to me in a few weeks.  Maybe something will have appeared.