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Mr. Quirk, Villain in Training (working title)

Rufus Quirk, a small-town high school English teacher, is on Spring Break. This means he finally has time to focus on his other profession – being a villain. Well, villain in training. Unfortunately, he’s failed so many missions that his villainous mentor (known only as Sir) has determined his next assignment will also be his last chance. As it involves Quirk’s recently returned sister, the man she left with, and the man she left behind, things could get very messy this week indeed.

To survive, Quirk will need to assemble his crack team of minions (his grandmother, a fellow teacher, and that teacher’s cellmate), avoid the goodwill-imbued schemes of his nemesis/principal, and solve the town’s potato salad woes on the way. If not, he’ll only have one week to live…and worse, no time to grade papers.



currently writing:


(UNtitled quirk SEQUEL)

First Draft

thread  (working title – sci-fi/fantasy)

First Draft


A Slipper Day

Mar 02, 2021

Some days you can explain my life in slippers. Take days where I wash clothes.  First thing in the morning, I head into the freezer of a hallway.  (It’s the end of winter – spring is definitely coming, but it isn’t here yet.)  I live in an old Japanese house – not old enough to be interesting, just […]

more things

Feb 19, 2021

I’m thinking about adding to the content of this blog.  It can’t be interesting to read me rambling about writing all the time, and I’ll probably annoy myself doing it too often. I think ideally I’d like to add some kind of creative writing to this.  Maybe a serial or else some short stories that don’t fit […]