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Mr. Quirk, Villain in Training

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Rufus Quirk, a small-town high school English teacher, is on Spring Break. This means he finally has time to focus on his other profession – being a villain. Well, villain in training. Unfortunately, he’s failed so many missions that his villainous mentor (known only as Sir) has determined his next assignment will also be his last chance. As it involves Quirk’s recently returned sister, the man she left with, and the man she left behind, things could get very messy this week indeed.

To survive, Quirk will need to assemble his crack team of minions (his grandmother, a fellow teacher, and that teacher’s cellmate), avoid the goodwill-imbued schemes of his nemesis/principal, and solve the town’s potato salad woes on the way. If not, he’ll only have one week to live…and worse, no time to grade papers.



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First Draft – 5% finished

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First Draft


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short and stop

Apr 13, 2021

If I had a nickel for every false start I’ve had, I’d have a collection of really tired cliches. Starting things is hard.  Maybe not as hard as finishing them, but still tough.  Right now I’m working on a new scifi concept, and I swear I’ve rewritten the idea in my head a hundred times for every […]

spring break

Mar 30, 2021

Just a quick note:  we’re on a break for, well, Spring Break.  My husband’s a teacher, and so we pretty much live on a high school schedule.  Next post will be next week.  🙂