Since entering Japan I’ve come across the expected amount of cool gadgets – which is to say, many.  But although I was prepared to enjoy robotic sushi trains and dinosaur hotel employees, I didn’t realise there were lots of everyday appliances I never knew I always wanted.  In this ongoing series, I’ll explain a few of them.

Hot water dispenser

Simple enough to explain – it’s a water reservoir that sits on my counter.  I keep it filled with water, and it boils the water and then keeps it at whatever temperature I set.  (Usually 90°C)  I press a button and hot water comes out.  That’s it, that’s the whole gadget.

This has changed my life.

First, I can have tea whenever I want.  That may not sound like much, but the difference between “Well, if I want tea in 20 minutes or so, I guess I should put on the kettle” and “I want tea.  ::sips tea::” is HUGE.

Second, now that I can have tea whenever I want, I have been free to explore all kinds of lovely hot drinks.  Japan has a lot of instant hot drinks, many of which are actually healthy, and the ones that aren’t are still delicious.  I’m currently obsessed with a ginger yuzu “tea” powdered drink which is just AMAZING.  And for Christmas my husband bought me Persona 5 tea – Crow flavor.  (If you know, you know.)

And last, instant ramen (of which you can buy a dizzying array)?  ACTUALLY INSTANT.  Game changer.

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